Replace and Split Excel value


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when i read excel value in uipath it is not able to read my (Comma)(,) its reading as (Dot)(.)
I have used assign to solv this…

varExcelDotToComma = In_Arg_OI_DT_Payment.ToString().Replace(".",",")
In_Arg_OI_DT_Payment = 2547,70 and it can be also value 345,45

Now i want that if my Excel value have a (Zero)(0) at the end then I want to remove that… like 2547,7
so i get the 2547,7 amount.

But if the value is 345,45 then i do not need any changes…

It is possiable to create an if statement and use both replace value split together if value have a 0 and also if no Zero.
Remeber if it has no Zero then my (varExcelDotToComma) is prefect right now… But i have to many assign value so its hard to use after in a if statement that which to use

@EASCalumMuir you are expert in split and replace can you help me


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Hi there,

Please find attached xaml for your reference.

The way I've worked it is by counting how many items are in In_Arg_OI_DT_Payment and if the last item = 0 it removes it from the string.

Have a look and see how you go.