DB connection with Service Accoount


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I am using windows authentication mode to connect with DB but it needs to be connected with services account. Can someone please suggest how I can use services account in windows Authentication?


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Are you talking about Orchestrator?

If so you can connect to the DB with a Service Account during install or change the setting afterwards and then enable Windows Authentciation as follows:

Configure Windows Authentication:

  • If the installer hasn’t automatically configured Windows authentication, follow these steps.
  • Open IIS (Internet Information Services Manager).
  • In the Connections section, navigate to the UiPath Orchestrator site. The Features View panel is updated accordingly.
  • Double-click Authentication. The Features View section is updated accordingly.1599036149717.png
  • Select the Windows Authentication option and, in the Actions section, click Enable. Windows authentication is now enabled for the UiPath Orchestrator site.
  • Make sure that the ASP.NET Impersonation option is Disabled.
  • In the Connections panel, navigate to the Orchestrator Server Node. The Features View is updated accordingly.
  • In the Management section, double-click Configuration Editor. The Features View is updated accordingly.
  • In the Section drop-down list, navigate to system.webServer/httpErrors. The Features View is updated accordingly.
  • In the Actions panel, click Unlock Section. If the section is not locked, skip this step.
  • Select the defaultPath attribute and click Unlock Attribute in the Actions panel.
  • Close IIS.
  • Open the Web.config file.
  • Set the WindowsAuth.Enabled parameter to true.
  • In the WindowsAuth.Domain parameter, enter the Windows domain that the AD group is in.
  • Save the web.config file.