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    New UiPath Orchestrator look

    Logged into the UiPath Platform this morning and was greeted by a very much changed Orchestrator....what do people think??
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    UiPath RDP Client Plugin

    I was trying to find some info on how to install on the RDP client.... Configuration Steps
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    Please Report Spam

    Morning all, We are seeing more and more users signup and unfortunately, more and more spam being posted. Please report any spam posts and the Admin Team will deal with. Thanks
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    If the machine is off, orchestrator robot will run?

    Great info @EASCalumMuir This might be worth being a post on its own merit
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    New RPA Job Board

    Thanks and welcome @erik Are these jobs specific to a particular RPA vendor and location?
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    Youtube Channel Coming Soon...

    Pretty much as the title suggests, EAS is creating a YouTube channel with tips, tricks and guides. @EASCalumMuir and @EASDomcox are currently recording and adding some special EAS fairy dust. Watch this space...
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    RPA advice on RPA process discovery application

    Hi @meha Do you have a link to the product for the community to have a look at?
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    RPA advice on RPA process discovery application

    Hi Meha, Welcome to the forum. Are you talking about UiPath's process discovery tool ProcessGold? What are you trying to achieve? Thanks, A
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    There you go..... I've posted my first thread into the BluePrism forum :cool:
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    BluePrism Announce Investment

    BluePrism announced they are taking on another round of investment: Blue Prism raises over $120 million to bolster its robotic process automation suite
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    UiPath - Mobile Testing

    Hi all, This is a link to the new UiPath mobile testing suite: Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Studio (20.4 Community Preview Release) Thanks, A
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    Mobile Device Connection Step by Step Guide

    Thanks @Clact1972 - I have moved this to the new Guides and Tutorials topic
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    REST API Authentication Guide to UiPath Cloud Orchestrator 2019.9

    Great share - moved to the Guides and Tutorials
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    Connect to LinkedIn now allows you to connect your user to your LinkedIn account
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    Orchestrator Recording

    Hi Jamie, Have a look here: About Recording Enable and further configure the recording feature using the following parameters in web.config: MediaRecording.Enabled - Set it to true to enable the feature. By default, it is set to false, meaning the feature is disabled. NuGet.Repository.Type...
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    UiPath Achieves Certification with SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4HANA® for API Automations

    First RPA vendor to certify automations at the API-level; Enables SAP customers to automate processes with ease UiPath Achieves Certification with SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4HANA® for API Automations
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    I must confess to having not done alot of work with Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere but TocaBot is worth having a look at: Tocabot
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    Product Documentation

    Studio Studio Activities Robot Orchestrator Cloud Platform Release Notes Integrations StudioX Explorer Expert Connect Enterprise
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    Document Portal

    UiPath Documentation Portal
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