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  1. EASCalumMuir

    UiPath Document Understanding - New Release

    Hi, For anyone familiar with UiPath's Document Understanding there is a new activity which allows you to manage various templates and use a visual guide to extract your desired data. Activity and Endpoint is as follows: You'll need to create an Api Key as you would with the Invoices Endpoint...
  2. EASCalumMuir

    New UiPath Orchestrator look

    It takes a little getting used to but overall I like it. I particuarly like that quick actions are now available in the header - You can use it to quickly add or manage entities at both folder and tenant level. There are other more improved features, such as testing. Check it out!
  3. EASCalumMuir

    DB connection with Service Accoount

    Hi, Are you talking about Orchestrator? If so you can connect to the DB with a Service Account during install or change the setting afterwards and then enable Windows Authentciation as follows: Configure Windows Authentication: If the installer hasn’t automatically configured Windows...
  4. EASCalumMuir

    Convert string columns to numeric

    Hi, Have you tried the sort data table activity? It should work, properties as follows: If it still doesn't work you can Assign it like this: sortTable = table.AsEnumerable.OrderByDescending(Function ( r ) CDbl(r("Price").toString.Trim)).CopyToDataTable If AsNumerable is showing as not a...
  5. EASCalumMuir

    Last date of month to show in different format

    Hi, Try this in your message box: LastDateOfCurrentMonth.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy") Thanks, Calum.
  6. EASCalumMuir


    Hi there, I assume the click activity is no good to you? Have you tried it? As long as it can pick up a valid selector it will work. Is the check box on a web page? It's quite tricky without seeing exactly what you're trying to do. Maybe you could upload your xaml? If that's not an option, if...
  7. EASCalumMuir

    Sorting a pdf file on the basis of page number

    Hi there, Are you reading the PDFs content first? Or simply joining them at the moment? If you're reading them (OCR) then I'd suggest renaming the file with the page number and that should then join them in the right order. Use a prefix to the file name 001, 002, 003 etc. If you don't include...
  8. EASCalumMuir

    OCR - ABBYY FC Install

    Hi guys, Have a look at the below if you're trying to install ABBYY Flexi Capture with a licence key... System Requirements 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor Microsoft® Windows® 8, Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Microsoft...
  9. EASCalumMuir

    Find text in google page

    Hi, It depends on whether you're able to extract the individual element "date will be: DATE" If so, you could use a find text activity or get text activity then split the extracted string on ":" like this: Newstring = split(StringExtracted, ":")(1) If you're unable to make this work then...
  10. EASCalumMuir

    Is possible put only a specific quantities of rows of a datatable on an excel sheet?

    Hi there, After you've filtered your table and before you write to Excel, use an assign like this: dtFilterInd = dtFilterInd.AsEnumerable().Take(20).CopyToDataTable() And this will assign the first 20 rows only to your newly filtered table. Thanks, Calum.
  11. EASCalumMuir

    Merged cells issue

    Hi, When you read the table can you specify B2 as a starting cell? That way you'll miss the merged cells and you can relate your columns to an item index. So Date would be item(0) Tasks, task 2 would be item(5) and so on...
  12. EASCalumMuir

    Unattended Bot Resolution

    Hi guys, I was working on a project today where the screen scraping mechanism was only scraping half of the text when running Unattended (disconnecting the rdp session). When I logged in as the Bot and ran it from the system tray, everything was working as expected. So... To troubleshoot, I...
  13. EASCalumMuir

    Try Catch

    Hi all, For anybody new to the Try Catch concept, I've attached a very high level example of how it could be used in UiPath. Workflow 1 checks to see if an Element Exists (amend to test) and if it does, creates a file in c:\temp\ Workflow 2 simply renames the file created in Workflow 1 Each...
  14. EASCalumMuir

    YouTube Tutorials

    Hi guys, Have a look at our tips, tricks and guides at the following link: EAS YouTube Let us know if there's anything you'd like to see...
  15. EASCalumMuir

    Kill a specific process for a Program/Application

    Hi, You could try using the below inside an IF condition where strProcess = The process you want to kill. In your case Nothing. System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses.AsEnumerable().Any(Function (prcRunning) prcRunning.ProcessName.ToLower.Trim.Equals(strProcess.ToLower.Trim)) And if the...
  16. EASCalumMuir

    Unable to read .msg attachment from mail

    Hi, UiPath will save .msg items. Have you tried out a For Each activity? See my attached solution, hope it helps. Thanks, Calum.
  17. EASCalumMuir

    Scaling an RPA process: Update everything but config file on multiple processes

    Hi, Have you considered using Orchestrator Assets instead of a config file? That way you can merely update a single Asst to take effect in every process that requires it. In general, Assets should be used for global variables and constants used by multiple processes, as well as credentials...
  18. EASCalumMuir

    Requirements between Unattended and Attended Robots

    Here is a quick overview and some useful information on different Robot types: Unattended Attended Hybrid Automation Overview Requiring little or no human intervention, this automation type performs fully automated high-volume transaction-based processes. This is generally in task-heavy...
  19. EASCalumMuir

    Email Sender Identification

    Hi, You could either create a string array so the config file would hold data like this:,, and For Each item in arrayVariable add attachment etc. Or maybe you could simply use an If clause and add the condition if...
  20. EASCalumMuir

    String manipluation to time format

    Hi, Do you want the string in a date time format? I'm not sure what you want to manipulate... Thanks, Calum.